Reviews for "Suzukisan! (Fanimutation)"


I'm a gay mouse! K... great song, great animation, it was great @_@'

Funashime Sai!!!

That vid kicked so much ass!! It was one of the most creative things I have seen in years!!! LOVED IT!!


man that was kewl. i like everyone loves raymond. i actually heard an "only night, holy night" in there. nice job with the special features and subtitles. i can never translate that.

That was cool

I liked how you turned the Japanese song into American ramblings.They realy did sound like they where speaking American.

As i watched this i could feel my brain dying...

*drool*... Okay but seriously what compeled you to make this oddball? What ever it was it weirded me right the #$&@ out. But all in all well put together (i like the feeling as if my brain is dying slowly most of the time). Graphics is four because well its cut outs all of it exept the text of course. Style eight because not many people could put somthing like that together (without being on acid). Sound ten because the song if you could call it that was clear. Violence four because there was Link Whipping the shit out of Ganon. Interactivity the play button. Humor three becaue it was so weird it made somthing my brain say What in the gay blue hell is this *snicker*. And that is my review and i know the only person who is going to read this; is most likely the next viewer. This is Ernac signing off yo peace off.