Reviews for "Suzukisan! (Fanimutation)"


If the movie had ended sooner, I wouldn't have become visually challenged.

(Throws himself out the window)

loved it!

im a big fan of all the other animutations, and this is right up there with hyakisachiguuchi or however it is spelt

insane japanese translation...

and that's what makes it so good...the cheesy backing, the fantastic singers and the way you managed to pick out those words from the song! it's fantastic - bizarre at its best and that's what i like - get me more of this stuff!

it probably wouldn't have been as funny if you hadn't translated certain parts of it...that was the best and quite original too!

hehe gay mouse

WTF!Talk about a power trip man. This was some screwy shiat but for some reason i love it, hella wack ass im soooo speechless. I cant decide wether this was utter crap or a rare gem. Either way hella fun.Hehe weird jap people.

i love animutations

i watched this one over and over and laughed everytime this is the best one ive seen yet