Reviews for "Suzukisan! (Fanimutation)"

oh my fuckin god!!!!!

And this isn't in the top 50!!! THIS IS SUCH A COOL FANIMUTATION!!! I've voted on it so many damn times!!!

Hope this makes the portal top 50- and quick!

Dwedit responds:

I think it once poked its head in the top 50, but that was before the minimum score to get in became ~4.3.

It's Lovely

I love this movie. It's my favorite animutation. The song is so infectious and I love the way you make Imakuni dance.

This is inetresting

This is one of the more original things i have seen, good touch with the jap song, all you creators should learn from this, using oriegn songs is a great idea... other then that that's all i have to say

Lets get high and watch this kind of stuff

Ii likes it.. alot.. its tasty.. umm who were those snowboarding/surfing bighead floating antenae people? and where do you get all these images? like that powerpuff girl thing or kitty, well i know im just to lazy to put 8 hours into looking for one image

Not as good

Obviously you put a lot of work into it, but I just didn't get it...

At least when compared to your Jamezbond Fanimutation, this wasn't as good. I like that other one better. :-}