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This game was originally created in 48 hours by a small group of people. I spent a little longer fixing a few things.

- X or UP to jump
- C or DOWN to use hat power
- NUMBERS or ASDFG to change hats
- LEFT and RIGHT to move

Part of the puzzle is figuring out what each hat does.

NOTE: You cannot kill enemies directly.

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AWw man this is not TF2 but its still fun

Pretty good pretty good

It was a fun play just seemed to carry on a little bit too much in terms of repetitve nature. But still fun :D

Unique concept, Daunting beginning

First, kudos for a wonderful game, and 48 hours to completed? Impressive. You have a good concept. Great, I love the variety of things you can do, however.

Level two I had no freaking idea what I should do.

You prompted "Use the num keys to switch hats" And I was like "Herp, okay!" When the puzzle really needed the blue hat that I was already wearing. Try next time to either give players features like that one at a time so it's not so daunting to be like "WHAT DO ALL THESE THINGS DO HOW DO I WHAT OH I AM DEAD." Either that, or don't prompt players with information that would confuse them when they already have the power and knowledge to solve the puzzle at hand.

Also, hats man. Just hats.

Absolutely wonderful.

Very unique concept. I love the sound effects. Graphics could be better as well as some of the physics, but overall wonderful.

to sh4d0wb0yy

the yellow hat makes enemies go to the direction you fired then they eventually die.

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2010
2:58 PM EST
  • Flixel