Reviews for "Hats"


i really liked the game but i just wished it was longer and a bit more challenging for the last level, but over all more powers >:)

i love it

everything in the game is voiced, that makes it awsome, fun and unique, ftw.

Decent and Fun, But Way Too Short.

I found this game charming. People keep saying to add music, but the music was there, just in it's own way. Reminds me of watching PBS kids when I was little and all the little funny noises.

Regardless, the game was way too short. I did not count the levels but I think it was under 10. And all but the last only took 30 secs or less to beat some times. This is my second time through and although I found no use for the yellow hat the first time I did enjoy experimenting with it the second time and found it to be of great use if you are in a hurry.

Also if you make this a full fledged game or at least a sequal which is hopefully longer, you may want the hats to be found or aquired along the way instead of just having them. Make the levels bigger, more open ended with different ways of winning with the hats. I wonder if you could make a boss battle out of it one way or another... maybe even add a story to it, but perhaps part of the charm is it's simpleness thus there is no need for a story.

I want to rate the game lower than a 10 due to it's shortness, but since it only took 48 hours to make with a few people and it played well, I will keep it a 10. Good job.

Nice game

The music could have been better, but I think it still fit the the of game. You're never told what all the hats do and you just have to kind of experiment, which is hard to do in the shortness of the game.
All the levels were nice and varied enough that you wouldn't get bored but the last level is all too long. The length is just ramped up at the last level and kind of discouraging.
Anything I haven't mentioned is good, and I enjoyed my time spent.

i won yay

it was fun would have been nice if there was a story