Reviews for "Hats"

Really liked this game ;)

I really enjoyed playing this game. It was really short though :(

btw, here's what the hats does.
Red: Fire ball, makes the enemies continue to walk the way they are facing.
Blue: Makes you invincible.
Yellow: When this hat hits a solid wall it will lure the enemies toward it.
Green: Makes you jump really high :)
Pink: It got bunny ears, what do you think it does :D

For those who did not get the Pink hat thing.. it makes you bunny hop...

I really liked the game.

Good animation great coding, the strategies are fun. I found a use for every hat but the yellow one. What was it intended for?

Bunny hat ftw

It's great

This is cool, retro and fun to play old school 8 bit style gaming just as it should be

2 short

the game was good find the right hat to finish the level
i liked the music and the atmosphere of the game itself please make it longer with more ennemies more hats but maybe sometime you have to collects the hat and not begin with all of them
there is a lot of things to do and you can really improve this game to make it more awesome

Nice short game

Well, nice idea, but the game is too short. Also, sound was rather good (he he he)