Reviews for "Hats"

I was really digging the self-made sound effects.

Good gameplay, but there's one thing I just can't stand. Spikes are deadly even if you only touch the sides. This prevented your 10/10 rating and earns a 9, which translates to a 4/5. Really amazing for a two day dev period though. Nice work!

needs more hats.

neat idea. sound effects were pretty funny. It felt like you could do more with it, but considering it was made within a 48 hour time limit it's pretty impressive.

Good game

This game has a lot of potential. It would be fun to move the wizard around at the end and maybe have all the effects of the hats at once (High and long jump, all other effects with down).


kind of boring...


Did you make all the sound effects, or was that someone else's beatboxing? I understand the lack of polish is due to time constraints (self-imposed or for a contest? It would help to clarify) but taking a few minutes to borrow a tune or two from the NGAP or other public domain wouldn't hurt.

Interesting how the allure of the yellow hat works even when you're standing right in front of the guards.
"I hear whistling! That's way more important than this fellow with the schizophrenic headgear! Chaaaa*spikes*AAARGH!"

abielins responds:

The sound effects where all original and done within the 48-hour time constraints. Yes, this was for a contest. The "Global Game Jam". Our group got extra points (The achievement was "the body electric" or something similar) for making all the sound effects with our bodies.