Reviews for "Hats"


This is really good. I like the use of hats as powers. It's creative and works as a good visual shorthand to remind me which power I'm using. I'm only sad that there isn't more of this to play.

sorry but..

just two levels?

abielins responds:

Sorry about that! It was a bug :(
I assure you it has been fixed now!

Enjoyed it. Has a lot of potential for expansion.

This was a great premise, minus any real set of achievements other than getting through a level. It would be nice to expand the world and give it a lot more dimension. I enjoyed the various hats, but it would be nice to know what the yellow hat was for. There were no musical enemy's or giant ears to deafen, so I guess it was just in there for kicks at this point.

Love to see it when it turns into something bigger.

good game

but the you could pull something for the ending dude

really nice game man

i feel so bad not rating yesterday