Reviews for "Hats"

Just WOW

Wow now i was not expecting that, so props to you on the programming on this one it was very welldone it was a fun game easy to understand and the effects and features were awsome, loved it from start to finish, really welldone, keep up the awsome game making

Make more stuff like this please


abielins responds:

Thanks! I really appreciate your feedback :)

i found a glich too...

though it append only once but still.. it was........uhh...forgot the lvl but t had the knights that were stuck up in little chambers and when i had to restart the lvlits glitched and like all the charecters moved down about 6 or 10 of the little blocks to where the 2 knights that were stuck up there and the ones on the walk way under them all fell in to my path to the door BUT i loved the game funny/creative sounds love fixle styles too plus..well i dont wana type it all but ALL of it was amazing

You should put checkpoints

some levels are pretty long and when you die you just go back to the beginning.... other then that its a good game

mad chill

Easy controls, nice use of colored signs, rather short but fun

AMAZING soundtrack lol

Wow. What a game.

I love these kinds of games. It is very creative. It has amazing graphic. It has 'creative' music. The gameplay is amazing. It is really sad to see that a game like this is pretty short :(