Reviews for "Hats"

This was pretty good!

It was actually quite good. The only problem I found was the yellow hat. And the first time you need to wear the pink one, you don't have enough time to change and you just get crumpled. Then maybe that's just me. :)

Either way, the graphics were lovely, the work was nice, the controls were good too.

Tekno's Opinion

Very nice game, specially for a 48 hours one... but I'm still guessing what the HECK does the yellow musical one... =/


Although some checkpoints in the later levels would be very nice.


this has all of the charastics of a 2-3 week game but it was mede in 48 hours!!! wow i love you guys keep up the great work

Very catchy and fun.

I liked it's originality and it's simplicity. Both of them melded together in a pretty good platformer!