Reviews for "Hats"


Very short though I think. Keep it up and do more :D

Excellent, but...

Great game, but I found a glitch.
Assuming there's a big enemy strolling around the level exit area, there is one space between the wall and door, AND the enemy is occupying that one space at the time you beat the level, the wizard will shimmer around the place, and then you will be shown the Victory screen.
Hope you got that explanation :P
Great game otherwise

abielins responds:

Wow, thanks for that bug! It's fixed now!

Nice, but short

hdog1, yellow hat is used for distraction. All enemies run after the yellow hat spell.

The game is a good one, but it is too short.


Hats are ftw. Also, whistle hat rocks.


i liked it the Sound effects was the best