Reviews for "Hats"


the music in the game is beatbox right ? It is so lovely !

Awesome Game

Loved the different ways to get around obstacles and enemies. Also it wasn't that hard or too long which makes the game even greater. Loved the sound effects which are all very simple. Overall, great game!

Love it

The home made sounds are creative and the game itself is fun all it needs is save points and more hats

Great, great game

This is a game where you keep discovering neat new tricks. I especially liked it when I found out how to use 2 hats in combination, like jumping with the jump hat then swapping to the speed hat to clear a chasm, or using the music hat to help push smoke-hat-afflicted enemies to their dooms. And although sometimes it was a little tricky, it was never difficult enough to get stuck (for me). Afrew must not have played the game much longer than 20 seconds because it's not repetitive at all. This is one of the most creative and least repetitive games I've played.

Also, I think you ended the game at about the right time. If you add more levels (and I hope you do) you should also add more hats (or give different sets of hats) to keep the same creative flavor in the game.


It's fun for about 20 seconds, then it just gets really repetitive. It's basically the exact same thing in every level, just arranged differently