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Blosics 2

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Author Comments

Blosics sequel.
Bigger, stronger, better!

Level editor has been added!

Enjoy :)

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This game is really epic, nice graphics (gotta love that motion blur), hopefully there will be a third version sometime (Which will obviously be a lot better than the one that some site is trying to pass off as a third version). Only bad thing is that on a legacy computer, the game may start to lag in the double digit levels, but there are options for that. Good job!

challenging and fun

it is extremely fun, and some levels were actually a pretty good challenge

Great game!

I can't stop replaying this over and over!
Is there going to a Blosics 3 any time soon?
GET A WEBSITE!!!I'd love to see some news updates.

I love this game.

The challenges were a great add-on, because it makes the game more complicated. The set ball sizes balance out the difficulty of the entire game. Overall, this was a lot of fun.

However, regarding the level editor, it would be a lot easier if you installed an IMPORT option so further level editing could be done. Also in some cases, the ball may pass through a block if it's going too fast.

Regardless, this was amazing. I hope you can fix these problems!


Great game.
I completed all the challenges. All gold stars.
I was playing around with the VORTEX ball, on level 24. I guess.
I go read the UNLOCKABLES screen.
I come back, and now when I enter a level it is blank.
Completely blank, no blocks, no orange circle,
just clouds going by,
and in the corner it says 24/30 - the last level I played, I guess.
Did the vortex mess it up?
I was going to try 10 explodo balls, but oh, well.
The screen shot looks like a blank playing field.
(It comes back to the menu OK.)
The blank screen has all the border items:
24/30 WALKTHROUGH, CHALLENGE (Throw No Red Blocks) , Points: 0/100
No blocks, no ball, no way to shoot. no walls, no playing items.



Igrek responds:

Thanks. I'll take a look and see what is going on there.