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FlxAdventure is a super-simple Adventure RPG coded with Flixel for the TIGSource Assemblee: Part 2 ( http://forums.tigsource.c om/index.php?topic=9600.0 )

A small town has suddenly been overrun with monsters! Fight your way through their ranks and delve deep into their lair to put a stop to their nefarious dealings.

Controls: Arrow Keys!

In combat:
Up = Normal Attack - Does normal Attack and Defense.
Left = Defensive Block - Does No Attack, but 2x Defense with small chance to heal 1 HP.
Right = Reckless Strike - 2x Attack but no Defense
Down = Attempt to Flee - No Attack and No Defense, but if it succeeds, you can escape the combat.

Hearts = +1 Max HP
Swords = +1 Strength
Shields = +1 Defense

Keys are dropped by enemies and unlock all the matching doors on that level.

Pick up apples and meat to heal, coins to spend at the shop (or to offer the Gods for Ressurection).
Collect gems to earn special magic armor.



Good one. Was way too easy for me.
To those who don't understand the little box at the bottom I explain:
if it looks like 5>1 2<3 (5>1 being the top relation, 2<3 being the bottom one)
it means that you rolled 5 attack and your enemy rolled 1 defense for the turn, thus your enemy gets hurt for 4 hitpoints (5-1=4)
the bottom relation is vice versa - you rolled 2 defense and the enemy rolled 3 attack, thus you loose 1 hitpoint
1>1 or 3<3 would mean no damage
Good luck with your rolls and BEWARE OF THE CRAZY CHICKEN :D

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SeiferTim2 responds:

Some people have crazy-good luck with the RNG it seems. Glad you liked it! Was intended to be a super-simple die-rolling system.


the only thing that bithers me is there is no music and there is no ending sorry but its silly to go through all that for nothing

Has a nice LOZ feel to it

The overhead view, old school NES graphics, and battle system are very well thought out. I also like the costume changes when he levels up, and the weapon, shield, and health upgrades.

One minor problem that I found is that the map doesn't scroll fast enough to keep pace w/ my chara when I'm moving in only one direction, so I often get in fights I don't want to get in or accidentally pick up the red things when my health bar is full b/c I can't see much of the screen ahead of me.

Otherwise this is excellent work, looking forwards to playing this a lot when I don't feel like studying :)

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Yay for Flixel!!!

I have only two problems:

1. I have no sound. Is there supposed to be sound? If so, why not for me?
2. Too easy. I was extremely lazy with pickups starting with the third area, and still I felt like I was cheating. Either give less powerups, make them affect you gradually, or use a different method of deterimining your power.

Now for the pros:

1. Flixel. My computer doesn't lag with Flixel, so I like it.
2. RPG. My favorite genre.
3. Exploration. An important concept for RPGs.
4. Awesomeness. Self-explanatory. :D
5. I can't think of one right now, but I'll probably think of one later.

Make a sequel, please.

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Rather long, for a Flixel...

but good none the less

Wish you could make the dude move faster... or teleport through needless walls

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4.28 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2010
1:59 PM EST
Adventure - RPG