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Author Comments

FlxAdventure is a super-simple Adventure RPG coded with Flixel for the TIGSource Assemblee: Part 2 ( http://forums.tigsource.c om/index.php?topic=9600.0 )

A small town has suddenly been overrun with monsters! Fight your way through their ranks and delve deep into their lair to put a stop to their nefarious dealings.

Controls: Arrow Keys!

In combat:
Up = Normal Attack - Does normal Attack and Defense.
Left = Defensive Block - Does No Attack, but 2x Defense with small chance to heal 1 HP.
Right = Reckless Strike - 2x Attack but no Defense
Down = Attempt to Flee - No Attack and No Defense, but if it succeeds, you can escape the combat.

Hearts = +1 Max HP
Swords = +1 Strength
Shields = +1 Defense

Keys are dropped by enemies and unlock all the matching doors on that level.

Pick up apples and meat to heal, coins to spend at the shop (or to offer the Gods for Ressurection).
Collect gems to earn special magic armor.



This game was pretty fun!

I guess when it comes to keeping you on the edge of your seat this game doesn't really deliver. But other then the tedious fights and abrupt ending I thought this game was really cool! I like exploring large environments and getting treasure and leveling up and fighting random monsters with minimum losses on my part and in those aspects this game surely delivered!!

It seems like you put a lot of effort in this game considering how long it is at least. When I first started playing and saw things outside of the castle; I was kinda bummed cause I figured I wouldn't get to explore out there and that the game would be done when I finished the castle and to my surprise I was no where near done! In fact there was a whole lot more! This is one of the few games on newgrounds that sufficiently wetted my appetite for pixelated exploration. I also really thought the way you made the shadows disperse was rather creative.

My only real problem with the game was the ending. I think it could've been a little less abrupt. Or you could of at least added in some foreshadowing as to what the final boss was so when you finally got to him there'd be some sense of closure.
But other then that I really enjoyed this game.

Stolen Sprites.

Most of the sprites used for this game are taken from another game. On top of that, the gameplay is boring and tedious. Add some kind of music and use YOUR OWN sprites.

SeiferTim2 responds:

None of the art is 'stolen' the other games obtained their sprites from the same source I did: part of a contest on TIGSource.



you win?

nice game but.. you win seriously 1 hour beating random monsters and no ending ._.

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It was like playing a bad Atari era adventure game

There was no music and no explanation on how the battle system worked. Not that you needed it though, because there were so many attack and defense up items that you could defeat a "boss" in a single hit. Yet at the same time you would be sloshing your way through a sea of regular enemies that still took at least 3 hits to kill. This game was tedium.

But I give credit for trying.

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Credits & Info

4.28 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2010
1:59 PM EST
Adventure - RPG