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Hotel Management

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Author Comments

Welcome to your brand new Hotel.Your job is to serve your customers, and to do it quick!
Keep them happy and they will tip you well. And day by day improve your hotel.

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There are too many unnecessary clicks. I think it has potential, but I couldn't get into it because there wasn't a flow to it or any pressure to win.

not nearly as good as the legendary Theme Hotel!

More or less fun, but has some issues. Guests would often cancel their requests before I could click on them, with their patience meter not even at half. The icon for vacuuming would show up and then disappear within a few seconds; or a guest would come out and ask to go to the restaurant, and I'd go to click them right away, but they'd go back into their room the moment my cursor got to them. At first, I thought this was just because they were on a scripted time limit for their stay, because the first two times I saw it happen, the guest would come out a few seconds later and ask to leave. But then most of the times after that, they would come out and ask for what they had previously or to go somewhere else.

Clicking/selecting things was also very inconsistent for some reason. Sometimes it would take me three clicks before it actually registered. This made it rather difficult to keep up near the end because I'd think I clicked on and did multiple things just to find out nothing happened, as I'm being flooded by more and more guests. I had to take extra time to watch and make sure everything happened, so gameplay quickly became less smooth, slower, and more stilted, all while I have to keep up with an increasing amount of guests that are flooding in faster and faster. Near the end, any amount of fun I had been having was replaced by pure nerve-wracking stress.

I don't like how guests would ask for services I don't have the day after the upgrade became available. This kind of thing is annoying period, but if you're going to have them do that, at least wait another day so I have time to get more money after upgrading my rooms. Or explain that this function exists so I know to buy the spa before blowing all my money on the rooms because I thought they'd be more beneficial. Either let me upgrade the way I want without penalizing me for my choices or give me forewarning.

That said, despite having some bad gameplay and design, the game was still rather fun half the time, and I was still able to get to the end without failing any of the daily earnings objectives. It's not impossible; it's just really frustrating at times and can become a little overwhelming near the end.

Honestly, it needs more to it. The upgrades deplete quickly but the game continues getting harder day by day. Eventually so many guests show up that you lose 10+ people a day just because no one's leaving their rooms since there's so many luxuries they're using. The days get shorter but the money expectations keep rising and the number of CEOs and celebrities keeps going up until you have absolutely no chance of getting anything done before the guests get pissed and leave. It's unfair after a while, honestly. Not possible in the slightest bit

Love this game, but like legendotphoenix said the guests disappeared back into their rooms before their anger meter is depleted. But totally love this game.

Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2009
2:29 PM EST