Reviews for "Hotel Management"

very well

like skaterdan said after the lvl 15 the upgrades r over and the same people keep coming, i played until lvl 20 to see if there is something new, the money u need just keep rising and the time still on 90 seconds, but the game is nice and challenger. good job

Employee Of The Month here!!!

i liked it i was fun but i thought there was a never ending game of people keep comming! lol i got lv 20 with 15k woot woot

Good Fun

It was a fun game and addicting for awhile. When you run out of upgrades I started to lose interest. It was really well put together. I didn't have any troubles with the controls, however, when the people stand close together it is hard to click the people you want.

It's fun and addicting...

But there were a few flaws with the controls. I went to click on a person, and it will have selected it, then completely moved my cursor to a different area. It's not because of lag, or because of anything with my computer. It only happens with this game and it's quite frustrating... Overall a pretty decent game. 8/10 & 5/5


fun and very addictive