Reviews for "Hotel Management"

After a while, it became a slightly more complex game of whack-a-mole. The upgrades stopped eventually, and when the days became too quick (to the point where the clicking was hurting my hand), there was no sense of accomplishment. I don't think the graphics can make up for the lack of fun about 15 minutes into playing the game, especially because the animation is clunky as it is. I also had a problem with guests disappearing back into their rooms well before their anger meters even depleted. This caused some frustration, and it made for an all around negative experience.

Needs more upgrades but good game

I love these types of games. I thought it was great; upgrades, graphics, music and challenging.

Great play, 5 stars!!!

I hated that I couldn't vacume more rooms at once, and the laundry is sometimes hard to click on- I click on it and it does nothing so I have to repeat the process. But I really liked this game, all around.

Cool game

Cool game dude.