Reviews for "Hotel Management"

Awesome game

Awesome game and concept. Enjoyed it very much. Quite challenging. Graphics were a bit old school though, easy to look at, but i thought they could've bin better. I think this game symbolises the hard work that some of us go through. The stress of manageing multiple customers at once, the hardship of earning money for the company instead of yourself and then settling in at the end of the month with a stupid "employee of the month" picture instead of a pay rise or promotion. Tough times.

Really fun game

It had me playing for a while.


i beat the game and viciate too

Employee Of The Month here!!!

i liked it i was fun but i thought there was a never ending game of people keep comming! lol i got lv 20 with 15k woot woot

good game

i like this game remmebering me of diner dash