Reviews for "Hotel Management"

kept me entertained

mind draining, but i needed to waste some time, so thats why I played this, nothing new or innovative, just repetetive mindless dull and monotonous (my fave new word)!


its a great time waster if you have nothing to do.


It was qiok, next time make more levels and more upgrades!

Easy time-waster

This is okay for something of its genre, this is pretty fun to play and easy to beat. Graphics are pretty good, and how the hotel was designed. The upgrades were a plus and it was great to see the money rack up.
There are many problems though: first, the upgrade system although great, should include more because afterwards when you unlock everything, the game becomes boring.
Also, a few levels after you unlock everything, the game becomes a frantic clickfest, which was when the game became challenging and got more interesting. I would like for some more challenges next time.
Music was repetitive, there should be more variety.
Gameplay could also use more challenging by introducing more things. For example, some time-management games utilize a combo system in which you rack up more points by doing the same action in a row. The game was also easy because you get tipped for EVERYTHING.
Keep things interesting, the main problem is lack of upgrades, but you could have us be able to change the hotel appearance, to spruce things up a bit. Add some more actions such as hiring more employees, or more actions with the restaurant and gym. This makes things more challenging and fun, with more upgrades to boot.
There is also an occasional glitch I had a problem with: the guest will usually have an action, but disappear suddenly without allowing you complete it. Then, the guest will request to leave.


its a good game to fight off boredom other than that quality is pretty good. nothing great its just a good game to pass the time but overall gewd.