Reviews for "Hotel Management"


was mad fun but needed more upgrades

great game!

I had a lot of fun playing this, its a really relaxing and chill game! The music choice was great, it fit the game perfect! I like all the different types of upgrades you can make to the hotel, it makes it more enjoyable! Overall i think this is a great game!

Good job

I normally hate games like this, but I figured I needed to kill some time so I'd go ahead and play this one for awhile. I didn't realize how engrossed I was until the VIP's started showing up. It was easily much better than the other games where you have to keep customers happy until you can get rid of them all


It was fun especially when it got hectic. But could be improved.


Creative, fun, and somewhat addictive.
Great time killer.

A few bugs here and there with the people only being up for a second

but overall great game.