Reviews for "Hotel Management"


I dont know why everyone is rating it so high it is stupid from point one. There is no storyline first of all. The game is so darn easy 2ndly and 3rdly their is no point at all once the upgrades are done


good enough game to keep me up from half 3 till 4 but it needs more upgrades

its ok

Just next time, put a save feature.

Not bad

It sucks a bit

Like Bad Sex

You get to playing the game you find wonderful graphics (for a flash game) great sound that just lure you in. Starts of real fun and rewarding (Upgrades), but as you progress you find issues with fighting off boredom. I played up to lvl twenty and thought if there isn't at least one more upgrade I am done. So I played to lvl22 and sure enough... No upgrades. I recommend playing up to the point of the last upgrade which I believe is TVs or something of that sort. Maybe with the gym.

So you as I said like bad sex, Starts of really fun but ends up leaving you ultimately disappointed. Try it at least once, but I doubt you will ever play it again.