Reviews for "Hotel Management"

Almost fun

Was kinda fun. Except for clicking on things and not having it register. All. The. Time. You have to repeat motions over and over, which was really frustrating.

ok but not great

12 levels would have done.

Above average

Def fun. Could be refined where upgrades mean more. Having a few more levels would hlped .


Well made and I like the Weather Channel-ish music but it's nothing that all the other Diner Dash clones haven't done before. No staying power.

Quite nice

Nice game, and very addictive at first, but after level 11 you get a déja-vu feeling. It's more or less the same, besides the fact that the further you come, the more swampt you get by customers, which adds to it being addictive. So 6 points for the game itself, yet you could give the controls a little tweek. I kept klicking on the icons but because I was moving too fast, it didn't register. So maybe a bit wider clicking-zone next time.