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falcon wing

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I try to make simple game no more than 2 days to develop, here its, btw for webmaster, this game available to host anywhere

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idjit raters

for all those who voted low, REREAD THE COMMENTS. he was trying to make a simple game! And he did a good job, imo

too easy

once you get the 2nd power up thing, the one where the orbs shoot out in random directions for a couple seconds, the game is too easy. once you have 4 orbs, the game is over. i cleared over 20 million points, and had over 2500 chains by the time i just stopped shooting and let the game kill me, hoping it'd let me submit my score to some degree.

things to add: Scoreboard, Levels perhaps, More Expensive Powerups for later in the game if its going to be that easy. Boss(es)? and some way of replenishing the shields, unless there is one and i just didnt see it.


its good
and addicting
u was rite ^^


hope you make another one like this, but with much much more upgrades,monster and more DIFFICULTY=D

Very short

It's fun but only for a short amount of time...but it`s expandable