Reviews for "falcon wing"

Too Easy

Fun game but after I upgraded everything I no longer had to move, I just kept using the specials. I quit after passing 10mil points (13K in cash).

too short?

you pp are too inpatient xD
there IS a 'big boss' and its evil-4 and game ends after you have blown them appart.
i had 52 million (forgot the rest of the numbers, had to log in and flash restarted xD)
obviously this is easy game, but then again; then you'd had the ppl complaining how hard it is xD

it is too easy to forget to buy stuff while in middle of the action.
no, but seriously, this is great game!

2 days? good job!

It's a good game for the time frame.

Fun, but needs more

Its a fun little game, but it feels like it need more to it. Maybe some sheild refill power ups when you kill enemies, and an upgrade to your basic gun would be a good start.

It was a bit fun

I GOT 23397834 score than i died but the problem is thrs no shied upgrades, no weapon damage + upgrade n the upgrades are too cheap n the game was easy.