Reviews for "falcon wing"

nead's more time

you need too spend more time working on the game if you doo it could be a loot better

LOL Wut.

It was too easy. Upgrade everything, spam specials 2 and 3. Special 2 will rack up enough kills to refill your specials bar while special 3 shields you. By the time they cool down, you can re-use them immediately.

After about 10 minutes, I yawned and accidentally died.

Literally muted my computer's master volume. Music isn't bad, but gimme a break.

good but no !!!

dont like but yet im a good guy il give you 7 points

very easy

very good game, yet all you have to do is get the special, then get the other two specials, and keep using them.they will usualy rechage themselves with the enemys they kill.


Why can't you just hold the mouse button down and have it shoot?