Reviews for "falcon wing"


My Score 3826824 I got bored after my 1078 chain more enemys add level and more power ups and this could be one of the best games ever

Easy peasy

It's a fun game but you make it too easy. I don't know about other people, but on my computer if you click a whole lot the game slows down, which makes it possible to click extremely fast and shoot much faster than autofire.

i think it could use more upgrades

lolz its to power full to fast btw

Sry way to EZ

I played this game for about 5 minutes and got bored. The controles r decent and i liked what u did with the upgrades. The upgrades r to cheap wich doesnt have 2 be a problem but the enemys r to weak. U need some stronger enemies, I agree with bleedingwings a mini boss would make this game a lot better. Also find something else to waist ur money on maybe having to pay for specials or being able to buy overpriced upgrades for ur specials.
props for making it in 2 days maybe use another 2 days ro perfect it?

Nicely done.

Updates from previous review would be nice :)