Reviews for "falcon wing"


Seriously that music is annoying, I want to listen to my music, not your techno crap. But, decent game, gets really hard. Needs ways to upgrade armor and such.

Its good

its a nice game but u can get all the upgrades in like 2 minutes

Too easy

Music 8/10
Artwork 6/10
Upgrade system 5/10 ( too cheap, not much to choose from, can't upgrade shield/dmg)
Control system 8/10 ( easy to master, no tutorial)
Storyline/Final goal 3/10 ( no story, no highscore top board)
Bosses 0/10 (no means no)
My conclusion - no more than 5/10

P.S.Got bored on 2164431 so may be have't seen even a half of the game... if this is so... Where the heck is saving option?!


now imagen what u could do with 3 days

Good, but...

At first it was pretty fun, but once you get all the upgrades, all you have to do it spin in circles using your specials.... so it got repetitive.
You should have level breaks and more upgrades