Reviews for "falcon wing"

not bad

could of had a lot more going for it though. more upgrades, maybe an ending?

Good, but needs some work

It's a good game, and I think you made it pretty well, but It does need a way to turn off the music, and their doesn't seem to be anyway to heal. Other than that, it's a great game. The difficulty is fine for me, the way the enemies upgrade and attack is good, and that all works out nicely. But the fact that like 2-3 hits kills you bugged me. Or if healing doesn't work, perhaps checkpoints?

Anyways, 7/10, 4/5.


Nothing spectacular. I don't like how you have to move your hands to fire the special attacks.


Any game that blasts crappy music with no apparent way to turn it down gets an automatic 0.

Too easy but other than that - OK game

This doesn't happen too often... but it is WAY too easy. You have enough special-power to keep all 3 of them going all the time. So I just sat there and pressed 123 123 123 and kept the trigger pulled...

Also - needs more upgrades if its that easy.

But otherwise, I didn't see any bugs. 7/10