Reviews for "falcon wing"

Not the best

It is ok. But it is really easy. I got to 6.5 million points within 5 minutes of starting. I also ended up with a 1500 chain. If it wasn't so easy it would have gotten a 10.

its ok

the music is annoying, and you can get all the upgrades rather quickly, but you need them when you start getting COMPLETELY swamped. you need a shiled upgrade/replenish. try adding some pick0up upgrades, like temp shield or temp insta kill. 3/5

Nice game

Got the game beaten in the 5'th try (yay) , but still it entertained me for half an hour ;) good job m8. - love the upgrades, it makes the game much more fun.

It lags if you tab the mouse really fast while fully upgraded, maybe you could make the next one more smooth?

- *All considered this was a pretty fun game* -

You're right

It's simple, but let you have fun for few minutes :) Quite good, though the music was annoying ;P

two things

needs a few more upgrades, like more damage or even more multishot would be cool, and there should be a shield regen bouns or special or somehthing like that, even a purchasable shiled refill would be sweet.

fortunacus responds:

thanks for the positive response, the sequel will come