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The Pretenders

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Author Comments

A big thank you to Tom Fulp for upgrading our upload limit from 10 MB to 20 MB. It's pretty hard to get decent quality out of videos and this really helps us a lot! Yes that's right I said video. Don't worry though it's not your average youtube crap video. It can't be too bad if the owner of the site upgraded my upload limit so I could submit it.

I won't give details away in the author comments about the movie like I usually do. As for the music we have followed every copyright law! The longer songs we used aren't licensed so they are completely legal and free to use. The licensed songs that we used were under the 10% limit that you are allowed so we are safe there too!

~ Actors ~

Nick - The Cop

Corey - The Plaid Killer

Cody - Cop's Brother

Also, thank you to fallensoul289 for putting the ads on the submission. You saved me a lot of work!

If you want to see the higher quality version of this video then you can watch it here on Break.com. (http://www.break.com/usercontent/2009/5/the-pretenders-723798.html).

Since the submission is over 18 MB why don't you go get something to eat or drink? The submission itself is over 6 minutes. Or you could click on the ad on the loading screen and play that game it contains that you always wanted to try, but never really had the time to do it.

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20 MB?!

Dude, I have to give you a 9 for if nothing else than informing me that Tom Fulp raised the bar to 20 MB! It's not often I see live-action stuff here (that's more suited for YouTube) but I'm glad it's here! The atmosphere (with all the dark stuff around) is simply wonderful. I was a bit skeptical of this seriousness when they didn't have actual guns. You threw in a great twist by revealing it was in fact, pretend. Dang, I really should've figured that out sooning just by looking at the title!

Fro responds:



mine wouldnt load

Fro responds:

Lol so you reviewed it without watching it? Sucks to have a slow computer huh.


I love the twistttt. well done with that!

Fro responds:

Plot twists are awesome!


Again a pretty good movie. The story starts off great with that investigator theme and ends in an unexpected punchline.

The movie is a bit too dark at times. While it works quite well in the very beginning where Nick enters the house and talks about his job it's a bit hard to see what's going on once he goes to the fridge.

It would also have been nice if you had used toy guns and sound effects until Cody appears on the scene. While it is hilarious to watch two guys shooting at each other with their bare hands (and it also reminds me of that one episode of South Park) the punch line would have been even better if the viewer could actually see what you two where imagine.

{ Review Request Club }

Fro responds:

We've addressed the lighting in our newest movie. Beneath the Sheets 2.


The whole cop/private detective thing was pretty funny. The ending punchline was unexpected and funny. Also Tostinos Pizza Rolls FTW. The music was pretty good and worked with the movie.

Well a lot of the time the movie was really dark, at some points too dark I thought. It was dragged out and boring at some points but still good. Another thing that bothered me was that you guys were wearing socks while shooting at each other... yeah that's it.

A nice little movie, I liked the ending.

~Review Request Club

Fro responds:

We can't wear shoes in my friends parents house. XD

Thanks for the review.

Credits & Info

4.41 / 5.00

May 17, 2009
9:54 PM EDT