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Reviews for "The Pretenders"


Great concept for a movie! I was a little weary of it not being flash, but after watching it, I'm glad I did. I especially liked the anal fissures part, and the shot where the Cop grabs his "gun" from the counter. Priceless.

The Bam and Bang noises were a nice touch, I liked how you could tell between the two people shooting. Also, some of Corey's faces were priceless, particularly the one he makes when he shoots the angry brother.

Great movie, you guys accomplished what you set out to do, and that was to make people laugh. Kudos.

Fro responds:

Ha, that's this movie exactly.

Thanks man!

Great job

My first impression when I saw that Nick and Corey would be working together, now mind you... I went to high school with these guys... I thought this would be HILARIOUS. And, surprisingly... no... it wasn't surprising. It was hilarious.


Nice job fellas... now when do I get a role? HA!

Fro responds:

We'll strike a deal. You make a theme song for us and we'll let you act in one of our movies. :)

Not bad at all.

Overview-I can tell that you all have put a lot of effort into this movie, with the voice overs on the guns and ultimately, narration. It starts out in a dark light, but I don't see any relevance of having the introduction start out with the road at night.

General Quality-Obviously rating this would be like a child rating the Blair Witch project; I know nearly nothing about cameras other than SLRs and digital, and it is clear that this was a low budget movie, so professional equipment is out of the question. Given this, I would suggest that after the introduction narration ends with, "They say a lot of things..." you should cut out the road part, or at least clean your damn windshield!

Quality Visual-I'm sure you were shooting for the over dramatic, but in the beginning it just lets on too fast to be taken as a serious film (wink wink.) If you're determined to keep the night driving scene, you have to build up to it with a bit more detail, such as having an overlay, or "flashbacks" of the murders to make the viewer subconsciously say, "oh my god, this is devastating" so that they can fall into the FroNick Trap Of Comedy. There is also a lack of lighting, but I think it has been covered already.

Quality Audio-It is painfully obvious which parts have been voiced over and which ones were not by the faint buzz noise that plagues camcorders today. I'm sure that editing out the noise from it would be too time consuming, but voicing over everything is the only other alternative I can see to improve the quality. I've seen a couple of student made movies regarding this, but yours seems to be overall decent.

High Points-
The Gun Sounds. They are absolutely perfect for the movie, since they are easily distinguished between each other, not to mention it brings me back to a TS cheat that does the same thing.

The Anal Fissure Cream. This was it, the main spin that told the viewer, they've been punk'd, rick roll'd/rig roll'd, and/or played(FTOC'd). The main thing I liked about it had to be that it was subtle, yet it wasn't. The way it was spoken seemed like it was being taken serious, until you realized what was being said.

The Smiley Faic locations-I always had a spot for people who are given the evidence, and everything to solve it right in front of their faces, and then dismiss it as "unsolvable." I also like the reference to the cherrybomb-mailbox arson a while back. Whoever thought of this part I would like to commend.

Low Points-
The music choices were excellent, but the transitions are a bit hasty. For instance, you have this beautiful violin solo, then it cuts out and another track is played. I would recommend that they overlap just a titch to give it a smooth transition.

The "My Family" title under the photo was a miss. I know it was supposed to be the FTOC, but it was a bit too subtle. Build up to it a little bit more and I'm sure you'll get your desired result.

Overall, it was pretty good. Try to work on the transitions, voice overs, and lighting. Your strong points are that you have a great comedy sense of humor, and a creative twist on the storyline, like how there always seems to be one person that doesn't follow the movie, such as the guy from Snow Wars who pointed out the time, the cameraman from Hay wars at the end, and last, the angry character that Corey shoots at once. Once.

I tried to be as unprejudiced as possible.

Fro responds:

The driving scene was suppose to represent how the cop was endlessly searching for this murderer late into the night. I also noticed how dirty the windshield was after the movie was put together.

The whole flashbacks thing is a decent idea, but you do see the file size right? We could only fit in about 30 more seconds so it might have seemed a bit rushed if we added too much in that short amount of time.

The white buzzing noise is something we missed this time around. I think it's a better idea to have the buzzing noise during the whole thing just because it's easier to have then editing it out of the other parts.

The gun noise still makes me laugh for some reason.

The anal fissure part almost killed me because I didn't know the voice actor did that part.

Lastly, the music will be noted better next time.

Thanks for the great review. Always appreciated from you.

Dude that was awesome

I peed myself watching this, pure greatness, nothing you need to work on. Everyone else is just playa hatin

Fro responds:

I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks a lot!

I have to admit, it was better than I expected!

Graphics: 8/10. A little dark and blurry at times, but you did the best you could with size limitations, so it's fine. Surprised you could get five+ minutes of video into 19 megs with quality this good. The intro was nice, too...seemed like a "real" movie/television program intro scene, heh.

Audio: 8/10. Voices were a little hard to understand at times, but nothing drastic. The narration did a good job of being somber and serious...until the anal fissure cream massacre was brought up. XD

Acting: 10/10. Perfectly fit into the faux-serious storyline, with the distraught and weary detective, and the gunfight was awesomely hilarious. As was the celebration over tostitos.

Humor: 10/10. Totally started out as a serious cop story, with everything deadly serious, until the mention of anal fissures cream. One wonders why the entire family had them, Mister Detective. XD The gunfight was the highlight of the movie, with the bangs and bams being absolutely hilarious, as was their aggravated interruption. Well done.

Overall presentation: 10/10. I've never been a fan of live action stuff on Newgrounds, but this was an exception. You managed to cram a lot of goodness into 19 megs without sacrificing much video or audio quality, along with a humorous story that was fun to watch. Good job.

Ways to improve: I can't really think of much, since this flash appears to have been filesize optimized well and the storyline was perfect as it was. Perhaps, as others have mentioned, the lighting could have been a bit better, since dark scenes coupled with the slight distortion of filesize cramming can make viewing difficult at times.

Fro responds:

Thanks I'm happy you enjoyed it!

For the lighting in the future we may have a better computer, and I'm going to look up some ways to get good lighting even with night scenes. In the morning we really have to be careful because the sun leaves nasty glares.

The next movie was shot in the sun, but just hasn't been put together yet. Not that I know of at least.

The high quality version is over 80 MB, so you can imagine the terrible things we have to do to these files to get them to uploading size.

Thanks for the review. It's greatly appreciated.