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Guy & Buddy

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After about a month of being nagged to work on it, it's finally done!
Can you clear all the stages? Who can get the highest score?
What about the best time??

Guy and Buddy is a simple game about a Guy, who's Buddy is murdered
and becomes a ghost, who helps him through many obstacles in order
to exact revenge on the antagonist.

Use the arrow keys or WASD to control the Guy, and the mouse
movements and left click to control the Buddy. It can get rather
tricky, and it helps to be good at multi tasking.
Of course, you could just get a player 2 :D

-The animated cut scenes were a lot of fun to do.

-Play score attack first. Time attack is harder because:
1) There are no coins to show you where to go.
2) You have to complete the whole game in order to register a time.
Score attack lets you give up and submit score at any time.

-Music by guyperson42x, the Black Mages and Black%u221EHole.

EDIT: Fixed glitches, made static on lava level more visible.
EDIT: Fixed scrolling stage glitch.


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Dang, I loved this when I was a kid. It was how I learned the words antagonist and protagonist. Also it's like. Really glitchy. Kinda unfair difficulty. Guy's hitbox feels bigger than his movement range. The second boss autokills Buddy when it dies. But I still really like it, actually.

I remember first playing this game in 2009 and I still love it. I wish I knew what the names for all music in this game is called.

TaroNuke responds:

wow! 1 year late reply!!
Menu Theme: Newgrounds Audio portal - 168811 - "Menu (BGM)"
Intro: Guardian Heroes OST - NAZO^2 Suzuki - POINTER BROS & SIS
Peter's Base 1: The Black Mages - KURAYAMINOKUMO
Peter's Base 2: The Black Mages - KURAYAMINOKUMO
The Way Home: DDR SuperNova 2 - Black Hole - PLUTO
Final Boss: DDR SuperNova 2 - 2MB - Pluto Relinquish
Victory Theme: Astro Boy Omega Factor - NAZO^2 Suzuki - Level Complete

Hope this helps!

Excelent game but i hated 3 of the levels that are before the last home they were really hard i lose my head on those 3

specially the boss because when i beat her i die for no reason, the boss is not that hard but is annoying when you die for no reason after you beat her
i love the game even though i was really mad at the end and i love the art style i wish i could draw like you i mean is not perfect but i wish anyways i could draw like that (perfect is not always the best)

4.5/5, just fix that bug after beating the 3 boss battle because is really annoying

You should put some medal on this game , its so fun.

Hedeghog And Fox
Guy - Sonic
Love Interest - Amy Or Tails
Angoinst - Metal Sonic
Peter - ME!