Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"

Just Wow

That was an incredible gaming experience, kinda annoying though, but great nontheless .3


-ridiculous plotline "avengez me olololol" "klol"
-Anime-ish representation
-loopy music gets annoying

+entertaining game
+great difficulty
+interesting and interactive .. kinda
kbai ololol

Nicely made

See something new everyday. Here, you're controlling not one, but TWO characters at once. I mean, some games are already tricky because you need to avoid onslaughts of ridiculous obstacles. Controlling two at the same time is a little crazy, but a pretty good challenge. I also burnt about two hours only to accidentally hit the submit button on the final level after dying on it about 77 times. rofl

Very Good

Very unique game unlike any other I've played. Sure, it was hard, but I'm tired of all the ten year olds giving it a 1 because they suck at everything. Sure, this game is a bit harder than my liking, and for that I dock a little. The first few levels should be easier, but other than that I love it.

Remember that little kids are playing your game, so if you want I high score, you gotta get a perfect game *sigh* and they seem to hate a hard game.

To all kiddies who rated low for game difficulty, a game shouldn't be rated solely based on difficulty, but on originality and game play as well.


Very creative :)

I like it :)