Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"

y do u fail?let us count the ways

1.i stood on the first boss for literaly 10 minute swaiting for "the right time to attack" and considering you cant attack and the boss never becoms vnreble to guy or buddy i dont kno
2.you thought this game would be a good idea
3.gameplay sucked.you couldnt do anything too repetitve and i barely played.i mean come on here you have a ghost pal and all it can do is to turn into a stand-on-able ball of ghey use your brain not your ass when you make your next game

TaroNuke responds:

1. The right time to attack is any time when she's not attacking.
It really isn't that tough.
2. It is a good idea, that's why it got on front page. I don't think you're on the
front page. What I want to know is why you thought this point would be a good idea.
Think before talking out your ass maybe?
3. You COULDN'T do anything too repetitive? Gosh, you and your grammar.
I'd be pretty impressed if my ass could code. Wouldn't you?

very hard

but very uniqe and very good! also your like the only auther that responds to comments XD

Cute little game, very hard indeed but is okay.

Read top :)

it was ok,

but the player was pentalized to mch, and it was too short

TaroNuke responds:

The player was penalised a bit too much ;)

I think this should be rated more highly

I think many people just got frustrated with the difficulty and scored lower

The difficulty is NOT frustrating imo. There are no really cheap deaths, it all requires good coordination and memorization to be successful. When you die, you know that it is your fault, so that's good. The ONLY problem is the 'smashing'. That is the only source of frustration for me in this game, because it's so unforgiving...

All in all, I love the style and the difficulty is original and actually refreshing and addicting...good work