Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"

You sadistic bastard

This game has a very nice concept, but the frustration for me stems from the insane use of anti-ghost fields. It's like a mouse maze game + a platformer. I wouldn't mind this if you weren't forced to keep moving the guy and the ghost at the same time nearly all the time. Auto scrolling levels and races against time don't help much either.

And do you have to be penalized 1000 points per death? That sounds harsh.

addicting and awesome

but i didnt make it to the 3rd boss.
i like the whole coordination thing regardless of what everyone else says.

good enough

the gameplay is good, about the story, it's kind of cruel for the living one :P
though, i have one problem: please review your code lines. i explain:

first after analysing the game, i came to the conclusion that when holding the living one, the ghost character is making the living one move up, down, right and left. though, it's not the ghost character who's carrying the living one, it's the mouse. so if you move the mouse too fast, the living character is going to fall... it's just too frustrating, and i use that word because newgrounds has standards about mean language(in fact, "frustrating" = 10% of what i have in mind).

if you read this, then your game should be worth a 10/10 :)

anyway, great work, I hope to see more games, videos of you :P


I enjoyed this game at the beginning, but after a while, I couldn't enjoy i when every time I am dying way to fast. I just gave up on the last one because it wasn't fun anymore.

good game

i love the game, but it's really hard to control two things at once.