Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"

sorry for this,

because the game was so well thought out i feel like im probably missing something, but i really dont understand in the 3rd boss fight, antagonist a 2nd time but harder, when it gets to where it seems like im winning, randomly the ghost girl will die. ive gotten to this point sevral times and i dont understand what im doing wrong. the game was great, so great that i almost dont want to comment on this part, but at the same time, i want to beat it!! so please, wtf am i sposed to do??? im not hitting her shell!! its like shes making the whole screen anti ghost girl. but where is a safe place?

TaroNuke responds:

Move the ghost away very quickly, as the field grows very large on the last bounce.

also, plan the jump so you don't end up over the hole, then quickly catch him.

Why couldn't I pass level 3?

Seriously! Why?!
It's so frikkin' annoying.

The idea of the game is great, it plays great, good graphics and it has a funny storyline. But the first two levels are really easy...
But level 3?! It's too hard.

It's not a really big problem that I keep dieing at certain levels but it could be better to only get a withdraw from points than to start over.

So frustrating...

It could be fun...So shame...

thatz shitty

thiz game is a little crazy. not very bad,nice graphz ..in fact i like it. voted 3..... WHO LIKES THIZ GAME A BIT COPY+PASTE THIZ AND REVIEW: 3----O---_----O----3


It's not really awesome or something, but it's really fun.
Goodjob, I like it.