Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"


i absoluly hate this game.....many glitches....the traps were frekin annoying....i hate this game so much...

very difficult

this games was so hard for me but it was quite fun to. it is also original than the other games to.

A Platformer with some Brain

This is what I like to see, a platformer that truly tests the skill of the player. Controlling 2 protagonists is an interesting take on the genre, and the mouse is synched properly. This sure is a fun game.

Cut down on the insta-death

Irritatingly hard, especially since we're forced to control two protagonists (needlessly) since, as a ghost, if she can pick him up, she can pick up any matter. This means that a BOX would be more useful than that red-headed sack of meat, who moves irritatingly slow and can't jump to save his live.

The ghost controls are a glorified 'don't let your mouse touch the lines LOL' game and her instant death combined with HIS dying by lower barrier/laser/lava/gears/spikes/robot /touching-a-dang-block-from-underneat h are quite annoying, not to mention he falls off of her the entire time.

If she simply couldn't PASS the static barriers, this game would have been batter. If the final boss didn't have a ghost field with explosive growth, it'd be better. If the ghost had teamed up with a metal crate, this game would have been better. Plus, how do you kill a ghost, and B, if he died by gear/robot/touching a rock, wouldn't they be together forever again, I.E., game over, good end?

Makes no sense. Try harder. Learn to make a life bar next time.


Like it's description it's indeed a novel platformer; one that will really put your patience and skill to the limit. After a long time finally one platformer stood out. The ending is inconclusive though... Too bad.