Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"

Stage three is hard

How do you get through?

not bad but...

I rather liked the original gameplay style, and the challenges were interesting, but I think some more effort was needed in previewing and editing some of the stages. Also, I recommend a bit more effort put into the story if you make a sequel. (The ending sucked and the cutscenes were a bit brief.)

sequel plz?

Great ame, I can haz sequel plx?

In all reality, it was a great game and I loved it. it had a fresh concpt that ive never seen and it was well made. you rule :D

exacution done

pow this is dead (no to keyboards )

TaroNuke responds:

What? >.>


Its a good game, dont get me wrong, its just getting killed from stupid things frustrates me. Overall a good game.