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Smash Bros: Go Pichu!

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March 9, 2008: I get Brawl AND my flash was added to the collection? THAT'S AWESOME! Thanks for helping me get in. I really appreciated it! Now go on, and enjoy the game. It's been two years but the wait has paid off (except for Pichu of course :p )

Anyways, that brings us to the next question: Why didn't Pichu get into Brawl? Well let's find out!

BigK: Simon Cowell and Sakurai
StardragonBlue: Pichu
TheGFather: Miyamoto

Music: Listed at the end

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very good

kinda aged poorly, But wasn't awful

this animation aged pretty great i'd say.

I do wonder what the criteria is for having a character appear in Brawl. Yeah, Pichu wouldn't be a strong fighter. Then again, almost everyone is in this game now. I liked when he killed Simon Cowell. I thought he was going to evolve into Pikachu. Well, he went out like he hoped he would.

He just wanted to be himself. That's quite noble. Miyamoto's pretty fun here too. The animation could be better though. The length was good as well.

hahaha yea pichu cant handle the power!! what a classic!