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Reviews for "Smash Bros: Go Pichu!"



i nearly shit myself

pichu just exploded! that proves he is just retarded, and the neverland thing at the end was funny, but i feal sorry for young link, who knows michel might have done to hom....*shudders*

It was cute when Pichu did that sad look

I think Pichu's final smash would be like a representation of the big bang. automatically KO's all its opponents. Please if you know someone who was part of making "Super Smash Bros. Brawl", please I beg of you to tell them to make a new game for the Wii called "Super Smash bros: Rumble." Include these new characters, Cream, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Ryu, Ken, Megaman, Zero, Birdo, Rayman, and Your Mii. And please put back Roy, Pichu, Young LInk, Mewtwo, and Dr.Mario into the next Super smash bros. game you make. Make the adventure mode for single player cinematic too. And all the fighters inside Super Smash Bros. Brawl, keep them for the next Super Smash Bros. game you make. And Loggerbom23 i like your ideas of the Final smash for each characters. I thought of some awesome idea final smash for Roy it would be "Eagle-eye Arch" and if they make that game i requested here's the final smash list. Cream: Wheel of Chaos, Tails: Whirlwind, Knuckles: Fiery Punch, Amy: Hammer time, Shadow: Chaos Control, Ryu: Fireball fury, Ken: Hyper punch, Megamen: MIssle Madness, Zero: Slice'n'dice, Birdo: Birdo dragon, Rayman: Plunger Power, And for your mii you get to customize your mii's final smash. So please tell someone, spread the word and maybe, just maybe, the video game "Super Smash Bros: Rumble" can be created. If your a programmer of Super Smash bros. and your reading this, PLEASE take this into account and create the game. Me and Loggerbom23 will be Super smash bros. freaks forever. You got any ideas of who should be included in the next Super Smash Bros. video game, please say who by placing a comment on top of mine. Note: it has to be nintendo related.

Way to easy....

to kill off pichu!