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Reviews for "Smash Bros: Go Pichu!"


<3 the ending :D

Best Brawl Vid Ever

This video is just awesome. Especially when Pichu get the Smash Ball. 10/10!

Massive laugher ahoy ><

Thats possibly the best i've seen in a while. It was so epic, and the Simon thing could make a series alone (what would he say about Ness, Lucario or Mario??!!). And when Pichu did that... thing i almost felt he was going to go "Over 9000!!!!!" with that eyepiece. And then Lucario, Jigglypuff and that simpsons "haha" guy peeking in..

Spectacular my friend. Full score on all posts plus a fave ><

I love this flash!

Pichu gets so powerful he glows, and POP! no more pichu. i NEVER played as Pokemon any more than i had to in all SSB games. i hate the show. that's why i favorited this flash. i love watching pichu die.

holy crap!

he blew up! i almiost fell off my chair when it happend