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Reviews for "Smash Bros: Go Pichu!"


I wasnt sad to see pichu go but Roy and Mewtwo pissed me off big time.


I loved how you used Menchi's Song.
Excell Saga refferances are prettty rare,
nice DBZ referance too


I've always loved Pichu myself, and I was mad when he didn't get into Brawl. I always played as that cutey, beating Link up and sending him flying off the screen.
Hah, anyways, great animation. I tend to watch it over again often. I love seeing Pichu use his final smash.

well done animation

I so fucking laughed for the moment when the asian guy started to prhase pichu and then they give him a smash ball, and pitchu totally over did it xD


That was an adorable and funny flash! The animation was very clean too! :D