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Reviews for "Smash Bros: Go Pichu!"


5/5 for the Excel reference.

Better than expected!

I'm impressed. I thought it was gonna b like, a 1 min stab at pichu "o he sux!" and so forth, but it was a maybe 2+ min thought out flash. It was good, AND truthful to the fact that pichu is indeed, NOT in brawl, so spontaneously exploding seemed acceptable enough lol...

Pichu was awsome.

You really couldv'e made the final smash a little bit scarrier. Like make him turn into a giga bowser only pichu style. This was awsome though. Pichu isn't very good in any of the games he is in. even pokemon make him so you have to get to lvl 20 before he can actual attack the enemy. This video was very funny.


It was funny pretty well the whole way through. The sex scene was a little awkward to watch and kind of disgusting but hey, that sort of in-your-face comedy is what makes Newgrounds so fun!

Great movie, funny stuff. If there IS a next one, it's a guaranteed hit.


he exploded! :O