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Reviews for "Smash Bros: Go Pichu!"


Very funny, good graphics, not a too short movie, make more, a very decent movie.

Lovely characters

Hi there!
The Graphics are ok, but the voices are mostly too quiet. Good thing you included subtitles. And the storyline is filled with crazyness, cuteness and philosophical ... erm, stuff.
I really liked sweet Pichu, I almost cried with him. The judge from Pop Idol was a good idea.
As a Smash Brothers 64 player, I don't know much about the other participants, but why was jigglypuff at the auditions?
Nice movie anyway, kept me smiling the whole time.

Topaz989 responds:

I had a lot of trouble with sound. I wanted to make some louder (but it made them sound all sound like they were underwater). So I left them as they were, raised the amplitude and added subs just in case. I threw in Jigglypuff just because she looked so funny when she's shocked. Notice she's the only one without a number. I guess you can call her morale support. As I mentioned in another review, I'll be studying up on how to do better sound work. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for taking the time to write a review.


artwork was a little sketchy, but overall it was funny and pretty good
WHY did you kill Simon? WHY??!! lol

Topaz989 responds:

I had to test the Miyamoto lasers on something.

cool ish

it was ok