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Reviews for "Smash Bros: Go Pichu!"


awsome flash, but that blue hat that walked out in the begining was GENO, MOTHER FU-!!!!!!!!

omg i cant beilive he said that!

i almost cried when he made that sad face... but i was lmao'ing when he blew up! .........AND PICHU IS TOTALLY FRICKIN PLAYABLE!!!! i kick ass as him >:(

Was his power level...

Over 9000?

What is his powerlevel!? :O

Well he died to soon for that :p ...Simpson's "HAHA" also? xD
Wonderfull! I loled so hard when pichu looked at Miyamoto.... and he started to talk awesome jibberish XD "YOU ARENT FEELING IT!! D:" ......*lazereyes* O_O (ok now he scared me) And why does a mysterihand flavour Pichu with salt??? O___o

But Simon (XD) is wrong thou, cuteness IS IMPORTANT! >8( (Miyamoto - help me say something awesome about being cute...!)


You HAVE the idea to show what it means to be pichu in melee !