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Captain Zorro

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Human's Mars colony where attacked by aliens from faraway planet “Zorgius”. Legendary captain Zorro take off to rescue colony from invaders. Help him to defeat all enemies and release colonists.

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Ah yes, I remember from where I heard that music before! It was in the animutation "Suzukisan!". I wish you people submitted more of those here. I really did like this game. While it doesn't hold a candle to "RaidenX", still good. I think it got a bit repetitive at times.

The graphics are quite good. The best example of this is probably how creative the enemies are. I like how you continually fire. In games like these, you need that anyway. I didn't know you were supposed to collect the gray people at first.

Gotta be one of the best spaceship shooters I've played in a while. I love the backgrounds, the different weapons/projectiles and the way the whole screen shakes when you get hit. Great detail in the background too, and the waving Martians are a nice touch. :D Nice work!


The Challenge,,, The Point... The Incentive...

Where is it?

This is a great concept for what it is, and I enjoyed the first half of the first level.
Then I realized I was never going to die, and by level 2 I had max upgrades and the S icons I was receiving were the lives I'd never need.

In other words, by the second level your player is left feeling like there's nothing to keep them going. Why am I doing this? The first level is easy, thats cool. But the second level should be at least a step ahead, instead we're stuck with a copy/pasta of the difficulty with a couple different enemies.

The pace is also far too slow for a top-down shooter. Throw some diverse squadrons at me, and keep me on my toes. Push the stress, and don't be afraid to kill me.

This review is of course coming from someone who has played his fair share of Arcade games, so I can't speak for those who aren't used to this style of game.

no good

yeah i agree i didnt like it either

Started out good...

While the game is far from original, it started out good but just got annoying. I got to the second stage and apparantly I don't get health back from one stage to the next. Okay, that's fine now that I know that, but what infuriates me is that I NEVER see health until I've just died and then I'll see three but I can't use them because I'm full of health now.

When I die, I lose my upgrades. Expected. But should I lose a level when I go to the next stage? I don't know if it was a glitch or not, but I was losing a level or two of upgrades every time I made it to the next stage. At one point, I was firing two missiles per shot at the boss but when the next stage loaded, none and a slower rate of fire. I sat there and pounded an enemy with every shell I had from the moment they entered the screen until they left because it wasn't powerful enough to kill them. I took a lot of damage doing so. Then I found out that ramming them killed them in one hit and did considerably less damage to my ship than trying to fire back at them.

The game started out fun in a classic way and was living up to every Galaga type game's expectations. But when I was downgraded for no apparent reason and the enemies got tougher at the same time, it really turned me off.

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3.39 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2007
3:57 AM EDT