Reviews for "Captain Zorro"

Good, great, grand, and wonderful

This was one of the best flash games I've played. Give yourself a pat on the back. I enjoyed the first boss battle alot. This was nothing short of awesome. Keep up the good work.

awesome game

I scored a 90276 I believe. It was so addictive. This game reminded me of some old school NES game. But the graphics were really good. Nice background music. This is definitely an instant classic here on newgrounds. Excellent game!

Fun from start to finish

No complaints about this one. The graphics were very stylish and modern-looking. In this game you automatically fire your main cannon and your shots hit both air and ground targets, which simplifies the gameplay and takes out the button mashing factor: great idea. I also thought the bosses were well-done: I liked the different spreads of fire they created you had to dodge. The game was long enough to be challenging without getting repetitive.

I noticed the game slows down when there are a lot of projectiles, but it didn't hurt gameplay. It let me slow down and concentrate on dodging; it might even have been intentional. In fact I had a crazy idea: you could integrate this into the storyline. Put in some freaky features like manipulating time (bullettime) and space (compressing your ship to make a smaller profile, or maybe just rolling to do that). It would also be cool if you had allies help you, dropping you powerups, or being a wingman, or if the guys you pick up had some benefit besides points, or anything really. Maybe add a little plot with each level, and this game could go from great to greater :D.

P.S. Please add a pause button.

excellent game

here we have another excellen game,But there are things that could be improved on, if there is sequel... More power ups like beam cannon,mines,4 way shot,shoot from behind,bigger bomb shot... as well as more enemys some just running around chasing the humans u have to save..
just a few ideas
overall a great game
thanks for making it

Pretty Good ^^

I did like this game ^^
It is a strange feeling not to be shooting, since it is on auto.
Can't wait for part 2 or something like that