Reviews for "Captain Zorro"

Pretty Good ^^

I did like this game ^^
It is a strange feeling not to be shooting, since it is on auto.
Can't wait for part 2 or something like that

Nice,But nothing special...

There are 2 Things that i hate in this game:
1)The speed of the bullets/movement-My computer CAN run this game with no proplams on max quality. but this Game is sooooo f***ing Slow...for a Shooter thats a real problam...
2)The music-Becose the game is slow,The constent music loop becomes annoying. for the next game you should get Better and more sound tracks.

This is a nice game,the graphics and gameplay show it.
I wait to see your next (And hopefully better) Game.


nice one

that was a pretty nice game. it was a little easy overall and somewhat repetitive after awhile, but it was a lot of fun to play, good graphics and gameplay and your efforts made this one all the more enjoyable to play.

Dumb game

this is exactly wat the internet needs, another boring, easy, unimaginative game with a repetitive and boring soundtrack. thanks for wasting my time

excellent game

here we have another excellen game,But there are things that could be improved on, if there is sequel... More power ups like beam cannon,mines,4 way shot,shoot from behind,bigger bomb shot... as well as more enemys some just running around chasing the humans u have to save..
just a few ideas
overall a great game
thanks for making it