Reviews for "Captain Zorro"


Overall this game was pretty good. The thing that really bothered me was that the player could not control when to shoot. Yes you had the super shot control but most players like to have complete control which is not in this game. Next game maybe through in some more power ups and make sure that the player can control the shooting. I also had some problems with it lagging when there were a lot of enemies on screen which made it a little annoying.


I don't think this game was great .. it was hmm a little lame.. there was no challenge in it .. the challenge was to TRY to DIE .. well 2/10 still made me play it for 1 min or so

Not good

Needs a lot more effort. But definitely has potential. Loved the part when the ship gets hit and the whole screen rocks. Definitely what a real explosion would be like.


The game has potential but really it's just boring. I like the homage to classic games but it got old way too fast and brought nothing new to the genre.

Could use some work...

The game has poor music, graphics, and game play are poor. The controls are slugish and need work. I honestly think it has potential, but as of now it is not worth playing...